Clinical Trials

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The LabDriver system has been designed for clinical and pre-clinical laboratories including diagnostic and hospital labs as well as labs providing pharmaceutical clinical trials services.

The LabDriver system uses a global test library which is copied to the study specific test library at the time a new study is setup. All the study specific reference ranges can be edited including the study specific reference ranges for each group more .....

The LabDriver system provides all options to configure the Investigator relationships to different centres in multi-centre studies more....

Welcome to LabDriver

LabDriver is a LIMS System (Laboratory Information Management System) which stores and manages information on patients, the tests that have been ordered for patients as well as the results of tests that have already been carried out.

The LabDriver system is a modular system and can collect results from analysers and can be integrated to other medical and hospital systems. It is available in a variety of configurations from a single user system for a small clinic or lab to a large multi user system. A separate analyser interface module, called LabComm is available which can be used to interface to many analysers.

The LabDriver audit trial records every single user action – from which user setup a study, who booked in a subject, validated the data from the analysers and printed the lab reports and which printer they were printed to.

The use of Electronic signatures (Esig and Qsigs) provides a record of who has registered, processed and commented on a sample. The audit trials, as with all LabDriver features, can be exported and used by another system or given to a sponsor or auditor.



There are a number of situations where the data from small portable POCT analysers could be uploaded to a hospital LIMS system


The LabDriver system is available in a number of configurations and can be installed on a single computer and is accessible by one user at a time to reduce costs and simplify maintenance more...


The revolution in analysers and communications (specifically the small POCT analysers and ability to send mobile data over a GSM network) makes this both practical and low cost. The setup described below more.....