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The schematics are downloadable as PDF files. Many of the smaller images (displayed as thumbnails) can be enlarged by clicking on them - this will create a new window with a large image.

The text size of the site (font size) can be changed by selecting the Text icon on the top right hand side of the website menu.

Web Browsers
We have tried to make the LabDriver sites ( and compatible in all browsers including Internet Explorer, Netscape, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and Safari.

PDF files

The PDF file format stands for Portable Document Format. If you need Adobe Acrobat, follow this link to download Adobe’s free Acrobat Reader software (Windows and Mac).

Video files
Video files may require a player such as Adobe Flash Player. If you need Adobe Flash, follow this link to download Adobe’s free Flash Player software. Please select the version of Flashplayer that is compatible with your browser.


Other file formats

There are a range of other file formats used on this and other web sites. If you do not have the software (eg Microsoft Word) you can download a Viewer product to open the files as displayed below.

Microsoft Word, Corel WordPerfect and Rich Text Format (.doc, .wpd, .rtf)

If you do not have Microsoft Word, OpenOffice or Corel WordPerfect, you can follow this link to Microsoft’s free Word Viewer 2003 or 2007 software, which allows you to open these file types (Windows).

Microsoft Excel (.xls)

If you do not have Microsoft Excel or OpenOffice, you can download Microsoft Excel Viewer 2003 or 2007 for free to open these files (Windows).

Microsoft PowerPoint (.ppt)

If you do not have Microsoft PowerPoint, you can download the Microsoft PowerPoint Viewer 2007 for free to open these files (Windows).

Compressed Files (.zip, .exe, .sit)
The latest versions of Microsoft Windows (XP or later) have a built-in decompression function. If you have an earlier version of Windows or a Macintosh, you will need to download decompression software, such as WinZip.

Saving LabDriver Files

Many of the LabDriver schematics are downloadable as PDF files. We ask you to respect the copyright of these drawings and only use the schematics in full with the LabDriver logo present.

Faults and Suggestions

We welcome any suggestions you may have to improve the website and would appreciate any corrections or suggestions for improvements to any of the LabDriver pages. Please contact us on