Single & Multi User LabDriver System

Single user system

A single user system is installed on one computer and is accessible by one user at any one time. It is a low cost route for a laboratory to use a validated LIMS system. It can be used for:

  • Single User for Clinical Trials
  • Single User POCT
  • Single User system for validation and testing

The single user system can support a large number of different users, each with different access rights and permissions, but only one user can log on at any one time.

The LabDriver Single User Clinical Trial system has the functions of the larger multi-user system. The LabDriver Single User POCT system can be used to export data to another LIMS system such as a Pharma database.

A single user system is very useful in a mobile clinical trials environment where a trial may take place over a 3 or 6 months timescale at one particular site. After the trial has finished there may be no more work at that site, and the equipment would become redundant. It is possible to easily move the computer and smaller POCT type analysers to another location. It is possible to have a single user system with 5 small POCT analysers that can be loaded in the back of a car!


Details of a single user POCT system are given here.

The single user system is also an ideal way of testing or validating the LabDriver system. A backup copy of the LabDriver database is made and the user can test all the screens - and even try to destroy records or data. It is also a good way of documenting and testing change control before updates and changes are made on a live system.