Loinc Codes

 Loinc Database and Codes

Loinc codes provide a standard set of codes that are used both by analysers and laboratory test dictionaries. It can be used to compare test codes between different laboratories. Eg a test code "Sodium" does not tell us about the sample type or method of analysis for that test. There will be a large number of Loinc codes for Sodium and the laboratory can use these codes to further define the nature of the test. The Loinc code is supplied as a separate database, written in Progress, that the user can connect to. Loinc codes are useful for

  • Analyser interfaces
  • Standard used in different laboratories
  • Use of Loinc codes to standardise exported data 


The purpose of LOINC® is to facilitate the exchange and pooling of clinical results for clinical care, outcomes management, and research by providing a set of universal codes and names to identify laboratory and other clinical observations. The Regenstrief Institute, Inc, an internationally renowned healthcare and informatics research organisation, maintains the LOINC database and supporting documentation, and the RELMA mapping program. Further details are available at: http://loinc.org/


LabDriver use the Loinc Database and Loinc codes both for analyser interfaces and the export of data.

Analysers that use Loinc codes such as the Piccolo Xpress can be easily interfaced with users selecting the relevant codes.

The Loinc codes are imported into a Progress database and we display the information as shown on the adjacent screens

A more detailed display of a specific Loinc code and a test code attributes is shown here. The Loinc codes are maintained and provided by Regenstrief Institute who maintain the LOINC database. Further details are available at: http://loinc.org/