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LabDriver Barcode Support
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Barcode Labelling

It is essential that the laboratory or clinic uses barcode for sample identification. The laboratory will need  to print, buy-in bar code labels. They need to purchase barcode guns or barcode wands to the computers with access to LabDriver.

Barcodes are fixed to samples in order to make them easily identifiable. All samples should also be stored with bar codes labels fixed to them. Bar Code label stock is available which will withstand prolonged storage in freezers at below -70 C

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Barcode  Printing

The LabDriver system can print bar codes in a variety of formats and fonts. The format and fonts selected needs to match the format and font that the laboratory analysers can read – this is setup for you. 

Barcode Samples

A bar code is a series of numbers that are printed in a graphical format. Bar code labels can be printed so that the number is visible or printed so that the bar code number does not appear on the label. A bar code scanner uses a laser beam to convert the image into a series of numbers. A barcode scanner will produce a data stream which is the same as typing the number on a keyboard followed with the enter (carriage return) key.

Barcode Scanner Entry

The LabDriver system will support barcode scanner entry in most fields and we recommend barcode scanners are used. This the fastest and most reliable method of entering sample details into any LIMS system. Many laboratories will print 5 or 6 identical bar code labels for each Lab No and use 3 or 4 labels on the different physical samples (urine, blood etc) and one or more for the paper laboratory request form.

Testtubes with barcodes in rack
Barcode Identification

The users logged into the LabDriver system can then scan the barcode on the request form, when booking in a sample and in order to access the results entry screen.
Barcodes can be used to identify patients and sites, as well as samples.

Barcode Scanner Interface

There are two types of barcode scanner readers – laser and CCD. The laser barcode scanners are more expensive but are much better at reading a label from a distance or on a curved surface. There are several means of connecting a bar code scanner to a computer – USB, Serial and Keyboard Wedge. We would recommend the use of a USB bar code scanner. The other interface options are discussed on the next page