LabDriver Backup
The installation of the LabDriver system by an engineer will include the  installation of an automated backup process, with the option of an off-site remote backup.
If a hardware failure, such as a faulty hard drive should occur, a backup is the only means of recovering and restoring data. Data needs to be backed up for several reasons including:
  • Restoring data lost due to hardware malfunction or hard disk failure.
  • Restoring data lost due to accidental damage, theft or vandalism of the file servers.
  • Restoring files accidentally erased.
  • Recovering data lost in the event of disaster (eg fire or flood)

The LabDriver data is stored in a database, which must be backed up.Other data should also be backed up, including the electronic data from the analysers. Details of analyser electronic data storage can be found here.

The schematic below shows that the LabDriver backup process has been designed to produce more than one backup.