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POCT - Single User

The LabDriver system is now available as a single user system. 

The LabDriver system can be installed on a single computer and has all the features of the large multi-user system. A single user system means that it is accessible by one user at a time. Different users with different access rights can have access to the system, but it is only possible for one user to be logged on at any one time. This system has been developed to reduce the cost and maintenance for the lab or clinic. There are a large number of clinics, hospital POCT departments and clinical trial units that process a relatively small number of samples per day (typically under 10 samples). This group of users has been poorly served up to now and in many cases still use manual systems (pen and paper).


The single user system has the same set of functions as the multi user systems. The single user system can be supplied with no analyser interfaces or it can be supplied with several analyser interfaces.


LabDriver interface controller showing data being received from 5 different analysers. There is a separate login screen for the users to enter data and book samples in. Some of the analysers listed below are large laboratory analysers - it is perfectly possible to mix small POCT and large laboratory analysers on the same system.




Up to 5 analyser processes can be supported on one PC
Mono and Bidirectional interfaces are supported
Full audit trails and electronic storage of the raw analyser data
Automatic daily restart of analyser interfaces – process can be left unattended for weeks or months

The analysers displayed on the screen above are a combination of POCT and large laboratory analysers:






  • Beckman Coulter Access 2
  • Instrumentation Laboratories Futura
  • Arkray Aution Jet
  • Roche Integra 700
  • Bio-Rad In2it