POCT linked to Hospital

Clinic or home-visit linked to hospital system 


There are a number of situations where the data from small portable POCT analysers can be uploaded to a hospital LIMS system

The revolution in analysers and communications (specifically the small POCT analysers and the ability to send mobile data over a GSM network) makes this both practical and relatively low cost setup. The solution described below will allow a nurse to carry out a home visit, with a single analyser linked to a laptop computer and for the results to appear in the hospital LIMS system within 15 mins of the results being validated by the user. The schematic (downloadable) at the bottom shows this is pictorial form. The sequence of steps will vary but a possible scenario is shown below. 

  • A patient either comes to a clinic, or a nurse goes to the home of a patient.

In a clinic a large number of analysers can be interfaced - up to 5 to one PC. 
On a home visit one or two analysers - such as the Bio-Rad In2it - which is battery powered and measures HbA1c (for Diabetes Management) can be interfaced.

  • The samples would be booked in locally by the Nurses in the clinic (before they go out on the visits) or in the community when they are with the patients. 

The users have a unique username and password. The operator id, if this is sent from the analyser can be included in the data captured

  • Rolls of pre printed bar codes would be available and used for sample identification 

The interfaced analysers would display results in whatever units and conversion factors are required. (It is also possible to have dual reporting eg % and mmol/mol).

  • The results would be available on screen within a few minutes of the sample being processed by the analysers
  • The user approves and validates the results.


The Esig and the Qsig and audit trial are stored for compliance and quality requirements

Labels could be printed and copies given to the patient (for the home record) as well as stuck on the patient clinical record which is taken back to the clinic or hospital

  • Additional notes or comments can be made by the Nurse, Doctor or Consultant, which are incorporated into the electronic record. 
  • The results could be uploaded in HL7 format over the internet directly at the clinic or via a GSM data network for the mobile user 

The uploaded results would be processed by the hospital system and uploaded into the patient record. Consultants at the hospital would then be able to view the patients results and make further recommendations and comments. Doctors can then view the changes to the patient`s test results over time.



Download link or click image to view file - POCT_linked_hospital_2.pdf